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It was a great week in Bremen!
The Future Internet Summer School has met by far my expectations. Good organized, excellent talks, multi-cultural interactions, technical discussions, tasty beer, and so on.

You can find most of the presentations and course material online.

I want to point you to the insightful presentation by Van Jacobson on thr work at Xerox PARC on content-centric networking. The slides are online:

Special Invited Plenary Short Course: (CCN) Content Centric Networking by: Van Jacobson

and hopefully the video will be also available. In the large and content-dense talk (around 2,5 hs), Van provided many details of the CCN architecture, presenting the models for content, nodes, routing, security, and transport, unveiling the practical foundations of CCN. He answered many of the questions from the 2006 video, but at the same time opened lots of new questions….

UPDATE 16/07/2010:

Future Internet Summer School (FISS09) Short course

One of my points to take home is that CCN not only works over IP, without new infrastructure requirements, but also very important you could run IP over CCN, by considering host identifiers (IP) as the content-objects you request…

A content layer for the new Internet waist

A content layer for the new Internet waist



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