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I am ashamed! I am ashamed of not having held to my promise of continuously blogging on the topics I am interested and believe are worth to share with Internet fellows. It is not that I have been unemployed or in sabbatical,  on the contrary, many achievements and good things happened since the last post on the QuagFlow developments (dated on July 7, 2010).

Lazy to blog about them? To be honest, it may be part of the reason… Priorities change over time, both in personal and professional affairs. Fortunately, the spirit of openness and intellectual sharing is very much alive, only not through this blog (or my underutilized twitter accounts @chesteve @futnetcpqd, more reasons for shame), a fact I intend to turn over. I have at least three unfinished post drafts that should have seen the light… Better never than ever! In this welcome back post I will report on some highlights during the past 12 months. In upcoming posts I will finish and release the existing drafts and provide regular updates on my current activities (if lucky, some of them even with some technical talent) as a Research Scientist at CPqD and happy human being settled in Campinas, Brazil.

What has happened since 07/07/2011?

This is a very incomplete and subjective (work-oriented) list of good things that happened since the last blog post. Apologies for the items I forgot to list! It is worth to note however that the last blog activity dates to late September 2010 via the comments. The discussion initiated by Carlos ‘Bill’ Nilton has become  a true cooperation with Unirio and CPqD and Bill has been of incredible value to our project, yielding very useful code contributions in the best spirit of open source materialized in the form of recent joint publications! I can fairly say that without this blog I would not have had the chance of working together with Bill, a reason alone that should fuel my energy to blogging  in 2011 and beyond!
Me and Carlos Macapuna, the day of Paragliding in Andradas. Looking forward to continue flying high!

Me and Carlos Macapuna, the day of Paragliding in Andradas. Looking forward to continue flying high!


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