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Christian Esteve Rothenberg is an Associate Researcher at UNICAMP and full-time Research Scientist in the areas of IP systems and networking at Fundação Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento (CPqD), Campinas, Brazil. His current research interests span Internet routing and packet forwarding, data center networks, NGN/IMS, OpenFlow, and content-centric networks. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in 2010. In his doctoral studies he worked on probabilistic data structures applied to packet forwarding in content-oriented networks. He was a visiting researcher at Ericsson Research Nomadiclab, Helsinki, Finland, and contributed to the EU FP7 Publish/Subscribe Internet Routing Paradigm (PSIRP) project. He holds the Telecommunication Engineering degree from the Technical University of Madrid (ETSIT - UPM), Spain, and the M.Sc. (Dipl. Ing.) degree in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the Darmstadt University of Technology (TUD), Germany, 2006. During his master thesis at Deutsche Telekom he worked on IMS-based fixed mobile convergence and mobility management, and was engaged in R&D activities on converged access networks (ScaleNet) and self-optimizing radio access networks.

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